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RESET is a non-invasive technique for balancing the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and relaxing the surrounding muscles of the jaw.  It involves the gentle laying on of hands on areas of the jaw, head and neck.

RESET can help change the fight/flight state, improve hydration, assist with chronic pain management and improve emotional wellbeing. 


It can also be very effective for reducing discomfort and restriction caused by dental work, braces, and past jaw surgery.  It may also help with reducing grinding and clenching the teeth during sleep or during the day, and easing associated headaches.

Kinergetics is a modality of Kinesiology that helps balance conscious and subconscious stresses and traumas that may be affecting physical and mental health and wellbeing.  

It utilises Kinesiology muscle testing to locate the stresses and location of corrections needed.  Healing energy is used to correct any imbalances that are found.

Kinergetics can assist with reducing anxiety and emotional stress, as well as balancing stresses that affect the physical body.

**Please note that Kinergetics is currently not offered at Ten Health & Fitness. 

For more information about Kinergetics and RESET please visit

For more information about Kinesiology, please visit

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